Mateusz Ćwiertniewski

Advocate at the Regional Bar Council in Kielce. Law graduate of the Faculty of Law,  Canon Law an Administration of the Catholic University of Lublin and graduate of economics at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Catholic University of Lublin.  He completed his lawyer’s apprenticeship at the Świętokrzyska Bar Association in Kielce. 

In March 2018, he passed the bar exam at the Regional Bar Council in Kielce. 

He has extensive professional experience gained while working in law firms and as an in-house lawyer in the legal departments of companies. Among other things, in his career he headed the legal department of a large company belonging to an international manufacturing group. In addition, he worked in the legal department, of a company leading the Polish construction market, exerting a significant influence on its operations.

His professional experience includes, in particular, business law, civil law, contract law, construction law and labour law.

He has completed a number of professional trainings – both in legal knowledge and soft skills. 

He also works in English.

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